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About Feederism
What Is It?
Feederism is the interest in gaining weight, either on yourself or someone else, intentionally. There are many people around the world that have an interest in this 'fetish', although quite a few of them don't really understand it. Have you ever thought that it would be fun to eat until you popped out of your clothes? Or that it would be a turn-on to help your significant other gain weight and fill out? This is the fantasy of feederism. Simple as that. There are many levels to it, and they'll be covered here, but remember. If you have any questions at all, we're here to answer them. :)

A common question among those not already well-versed in this fetish is wondering why. Why would someone gain weight intentionally? Why would someone find them more attractive if they looked huge? Why? Why? Why???

There is no quick answer to these questions. We like it because we like it. It is a fetish, a personal interest, and not something that many actually experiment with. For most people, it is simply a fantasy. Feederism is not a violation of human health, or an excuse for sadists and masochists to take out their violent tendencies on unsuspecting "fat people".

The FA is an abbreviated term for "fat admirer". These are the people (generally men, but not always) that are interested in larger men/women. They aren't interested in gaining weight personally, or necessarily even helping with the weight gain of others (that title is "feeder"), but they are very attracted to larger people. BBW (big, beautiful woman) and BHM (big, handsome man) are two acronyms that you'll see all over the 'net at feederism sites. (Some of those sites are even listed on our Links page.)




It has come to our attention that there has been a lot of unsavory reviews of the concept of Feederism.  Even our own little hole-in-the-wall site has been the subject of some unkind remarks.  So I am here to disclose some information that will probably land me in a lot of trouble with the FA friends I have....

I am not a feeder, I am not a feedee, I am not an FA.  I am a fantasy plumper.  It is hard for some people to understand my position, because those in the same shoes don't feel that they fit in.  The mainstream calls us freaks, and the feederism community calls us sell-outs or posers.  Here is what a fantasy plumper is....  Are you ever intimate with your significant other and they ask you to "talk dirty" to them?  Have you eveer wanted someone to do it for you?  I am the same way, only I like my lover to "talk fat" to me.  Instead of things like calling me a whore or slapping my ass and telling me I've been naughty, he calls me a "gluttonous pig", or tells me how fat I am (reminding those of you that haven't seen me, I'm not all that fat, in real life), or even rubbing my belly and saying it's swelling up.  That's it.  He tried feeding me once, I almost choked.  So the reality of feederism is not for me.

I have spoken to many people on the matter, feeders, feedees, psychologists, and FAs alike, and there seems to be a common thread.  Feederism is a fetish, like all others.  Some people have a fetish for leather, some have one for feet, some even have a fetish for watching laundry wash in a machine.  (Not my thing, but they enjoy it...)   I guess the point I'm trying to make here, folks, is that feederism isn't some sick, disgusting thing that the weirdos do, fattening up their mate and then leaving them.  I have yet to meet one feedee that was ever left by the feeder after getting to a certain weight.  If anything, it's the other way around.  I've known several feeders who were left by their feedee/lover after several years... 

Please do not spread rumors around that feederism is nothing but a plague of sexual dysfunction.  It is not anywhere near that.  Feederism is a simple fetish.  Probably a lot simpler than most of those out there.  And most of those into it have an appreciation for women (or men) of considerable size, and hold the rest in the recesses of their minds.

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